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Default Symlinks created by resort.


I'm using ioFTPD(7.7.2) with ioNiNJA (1.0b4) to create symlinks after upload is complete. However I cannot get these symlinks to work when browsing the ftp. For some reason the links are seen as directories (drwxrwxrwx) and thus will fail when tried to be transfered. I'm using NTFS junctions as they are browsable in windows as well, unlike io symlinks.

Ill give an example how I tried to set up for sorting flac releases. I'll try to only show lines I thought were relevant.

In default.vfs I have added the following:
"D:\FLAC"									/FLAC
The first dir is the dir where the flac is uploaded, the second is where all the symlinks should end up, pointing to dirs in D:\FLAC.

In /ioNiNJA/plugins/flac.cfg i have added the following:

set ioNJ(flac_audio_sorting) {
{/FLAC/} {D:/FLAC-SORTED/Genre/%genre/%release}
{/FLAC/} {D:/FLAC-SORTED/Year/%year/%release}
{/FLAC/} {D:/FLAC-SORTED/Group/%group/%release}
In ioFTPD.ini, I've set the following regarding symlinks:

NTFS_Reparse_Method = SYMLINK
I don't know why it isn't working as it should. I have tried ioNiNJA 1.0b5 as well, but that did not work either. If anyone has any useful tips or knows about settings I might have overlooked, please help.

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