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Default ioFTPD under VM-Ware/WS2012 x64 - VFS-Error


I have installed an Windows Server 2012 in a virtual environment (VMWare Workstation 11).

In the next step, I copied my ioFTPD directory with all included files from the host to the virtual machine (WS2012), adjust all drive-paths in the .vfs-files and started the ioFTPD-service .

If I try now to connect locally to the ftp-Server under WS2012 (VM), connecting works fine, but ive don`t see my mapped drives (the harddiscs).

Error.log: Some kind of these lines...
04-16-2015 22:20:26 VFS WARNING: file '..\etc\default.vfs', line #11 has a real path that is invalid (error = No such file or directory): "E:\EXAMPLE-DIR" /EXAMPLE-DIR
I`ve setup the connection-type of VM-Ware to "Bridged: Connected directly to the physical network" and activate the "Shared folders".

The VM is in a testphase, because I'm missing some experience myself

Anybody know the Problem or have a solution?

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