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/queue [-f | -d] <source> [target]

That sounds interesting. So would that allow me to generate a queue of files to download without having to know the file sizes?

What I am trying to do is this:

There is an ftp site with over 400 directories, each containing 1000 files numbered sequentially, ie. /dir1/001001.ext /dir99/099001.ext ... etc.
I have a list of the numbered files that I want to download that are spread out throughout the 400+ directories.
To actually go to each directory and add a few files to the queue would be a nightmare.
I can easily write a queue file (externally - Delphi) but that way I need to know the file sizes (I think - correct me if I'm wrong).
I can write a batch file the same way to use the command line. But that would mean FlashFXP stopping and starting a LOT of times.
It would be much better if I could write a queue file without needing to know the file sizes in advance.

Unless I've got something wrong this sounds like what I need.
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