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I just wanted to let you know that these changes have been implemented in 5.1.0 (build 3812) [BETA]
The beta release can be downloaded via Live Update (Make sure you're checking for stable and beta updates)

I am working on a couple new commands for the next build though I haven't completely hashed out all the details.

/queue [-f | -d] <source> [target]

This will allow you to queue a file/folder directly if you already know the name.

-f defines the item as a file and -d as a directory
<source> using the active side as the source; this can either be an absolute path or relative to the current directory.
<target> using the opposite side as the target; to use the current directory and original filename omit this field, otherwise provide an absolute path+filename

This command doesn't validate the source or target, or whether or not they exist. This will be done later when the item is actually transferred.


This will display a small busy dialog (a progress marquee and a cancel button). I thought this might make sense for long operations.

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