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I have the exact same problem when FXPing between two sites... it works fine for smaller files but if I'm sending large files, it sends fine and the reciever will send back a message saying "transfer was ok" but it's as though the sender connection times out and actually disconnects you, although you don't see it and the FXP is still going. Once the transfer finishes, it sits there and if you want to transfer the next file, flashfxp then realizes that we've been disconnected and reconnects to the sender site and sends the next file.

I know this has nothing to do with FlashFXP but it's just strange.. both sites are glFTPd sites and I can't figure out why this happens. I'm also connecting through a proxy if that makes any difference.. I've tried enabling and disabling "send noops during transfer" but nothing.. could it be maybe that winproxy is "timing me out" or something? strange.
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