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D:\FlashFXP\FlashFXP.exe -download sftp://Test:123@ -localpath="labs:\*.*" -remotepath="processed/*.*"
-localpath and -remotepath must be defined as the exact absolute path and do not support any wildcard file masks

So you'd use something like this:
D:\FlashFXP\FlashFXP.exe -download sftp://Test:123@ -localpath="d:\incoming\" -remotepath="/processed"
But a better and perhaps more ideal solution would be to create a queue file and then simply pass the queue file name via the command line.

Basically you'd do the following.

1. Change the local browser to the target folder.
2. Connect to the server in the remote browser and queue the folder for download.
3. Save the queue.

Now to perform this operation you would simply run FlashFXP.exe <path\to\queue\file.fqf>

You mentioned that you'd also like to delete the files, do you want to do this on the local machine or from the remote server?

Also what specific version/build of FlashFXP are you using?
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