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Originally Posted by DayCuts View Post
Have not tried r8 yet, but in r7 the change was causing zip and directories to sometimes be listed together (treating zip like a folder). Couldn't force a reproduction but it seems the times i noticed it were when switching one side from remote to local. To correct it one has to navigate to another folder then back again as a normal refresh didn't work. Quite possibly already fixed in r8, time will tell.
I noticed this as well though it was triggered by using the "compare folder content" followed by a refresh or sometimes by changing the sort direction.

Further testing revealed that when an item is not visible that an internal link check operation is delayed until later (which determines if a folder is really a zip file), however this information was required to sort the list in the correct order. After using the 'compare folder content' feature followed by a refresh (specifically on refresh) an internal flag that keeps track of whether or not the link check had been run was not reset but its related flags were.

I think r8 only partially addressed the problem but I'm not 100% sure, I have included the latest dev build.

This build also includes an unrelated fix that attempts to resolve a problem with failed FTPS uploads being incorrectly detected as completed and removed from the queue when the control connection is lost during the transfer and then later the TLS data socket is gracefully closed without any errors.
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