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Default Recommend?

I've used just about every FTP client out there. I'm trying to stay away from FileZilla because it corrupts files all the time and since it is free, there is no motivation for them to fix anything. I've opted to use WinSCP, which is a free FTP client that support secure connections and all that, but doesn't let you connect to two servers at the same time to transfer files.

From the experts out there regarding FlashFXP is the main feature is that you can connect to two sites at the same time and transfer files without them even touching your computer? If that's really the only feature, than I'm trying to justify the $30, especially when WinSCP is free. If FlashFXP has some more features maybe that I'm not aware of, can you let me know what they might be? I have no problem paying for software, I just always make sure it is justified.

Thank you!
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