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Default Problems (may be my stupid fault)

Problem 1: FXPing ASCII files doesnt seem to work properly.

227 Entering Passive Mode (*,*,*,*,*,*).
PORT *,*,*,*,*,*
200 Port command ok.
RETR *****.SFV
150 Sending /**/***/*****.SFV (1373 bytes). Mode STREAM Type ASCII
STOR *****.SFV
226- dl: 1373 bytes ul: 0 bytes in the current session
226- last download speed : 45 kb/sec , you have Unlimited kb credits
226- current directory is /**/***
226 Transfer finished successfully. Data connection closed.
150 Data connection accepted from *.*.*.*:****; transfer starting for *****.SFV.
226 File received ok.
(here i waited 5 minutes)
226 ABOR command successful.
226 Abort successful.
Transfer Failed!
Skipped 1 file
1 File failed to transfer
User Aborted

Upon checking the file did NOT transfer sucessfully, only 349 bytes in this specific case. I have read a few other posts and havent noticed anything that might point me to an answer, but I probably missed something.

Problem 2: FXPing IMAGE files not complete.
See Files are corrupt when transfer complete

I dont have a SPECIFIC case of this one, because it seems to happen randomly, but I can supply more specific details as soon as you let me know what i need to tell you.

Oh.. 1 thing.. I DO know that neither FTP is running Zone Alarm (already checked that thread)

Specifc Info:
FlashFXP version: 2.0 RC2 (build 862)
Unregistered (give me a break Im a student, but I do plan on registering)

Server Idicated by Blue text: G6 FTP server
Green text: Raiden

Both problems happen mostly with that setup, although I have noticed both with other setups (cant remember at this point)

EDIT2: colors
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