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1) Yes still feels overwork for something that doesn't need to be so overly complicated. (if anything at all)

2) Not sure if I agree that an asterisk is a proper indicator or even if it would be effective marker for most situations. for one its way too small and easily missed.

If the language translation isn't correct grammatically or otherwise as long as your version its accurate, submit as an updated translation so such fixes can be enjoyed by others, and then you no longer have to live with "annoying labels".

I would agree better ways can be done but wasting any Hours of development into this because of something you choose not to improve yourself are reason enough to waste development time that would be better used in real issues and improvements.

As someone that spent weeks getting a language translation properly fixed, I can tell you my biggest annoyance is that when some portion of and existing string is modified even by one letter of full stop or comma by Bigstar, the complete string translation is lost.

Or that The translation system doesn't handle Female/Male nouns (some languages use it) (this makes loosing/creating a specific string translation a real issue for accuracy) since you have no idea when the correct use of male/female and the translation is correct/accurate anymore for that use case.

You guys kill me. There is only one developer for the software, wasting his time is bad for everyone.

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