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By design the default language files are always replaced when an upgrade is installed. So even if LiveUpdate didn't automatically update the file there is still an issue of the file being replaced during an upgrade. Also when translating a language FlashFXP will first check to ensure the default language file is up to date so that the translation is being performed against the latest master copy of the language.

Then when the user makes some changes FlashFXP then compares this against the default language file and only the changes between the two are submitted back to the translation server.

A user edited language file is always preserved where-as the default language file will always be replaced.

If the main problem is that the user edited language name is "German (user created)" we can always change the way this is displayed. Quite honestly I was never satisfied with this.

We can do it one of two ways:

1. Use a menu divider to split the list and create a clear distinction between the default languages and user created languages.

2. Instead of appending "(user created)" to the end of the language in the menu we can use a symbol such as an an asterisk *
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