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Originally posted by palmtree

thanks. but the above answers only part of my question.

the below is my main concern.
let us assume there are 20 files queted for download. i want to know the total size of all 20 files, AND the first 5 files in the sequence, or the middle of 4 files, or the last 5 files in the sequence. according to the method above, certainly i will know the totlal size of all those 20 files. but i also want to know any arbitrary number of files in a long quete/sequence. i think this is important to me, because by being able to do so, i can tell in advance if the first 5 files already fill up my hd space.

thanks for your followup.

I see your concern, what you want is a continous update as you add to the queue. You do know that ffxp already has the ability to check free space before the next file in the queue is started, and stop if there's no room available? There's no guarrantee that there is enough room when the files are actually downloaded because there were when they were first queued. Just think of when you start more than one instance and download to the same disk. As it stands, a live check while downloading is probably still the best way to go.
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