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Originally posted by Shark
To find out the size of the queue (files only) you can right click where the queue is and press queue info... or simply ctrl-i

thanks. but the above answers only part of my question.

the below is my main concern.
let us assume there are 20 files queted for download. i want to know the total size of all 20 files, AND the first 5 files in the sequence, or the middle of 4 files, or the last 5 files in the sequence. according to the method above, certainly i will know the totlal size of all those 20 files. but i also want to know any arbitrary number of files in a long quete/sequence. i think this is important to me, because by being able to do so, i can tell in advance if the first 5 files already fill up my hd space.

thanks for your followup.

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