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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Are you referring to the fact that the "The A" folder font style becomes bold in the process of trying to search?

Type "tell" and "Tell" is selected, if you pause a brief moment and then type "The B" it selects "The B" as intended but the "The A" entry is now also shown with a bold font face.

Tell <- selected after typing "tell"
The A <- becomes bold after pressing the spacebar
The B <- selected after typing "the b"

Is this what you're experiencing so that I know we're both on the same page?

The space-bar is used to toggle items to/from the marked list feature.

In this case the effect is undesired and I can see how if you're typing out a filename with a space it shouldn't trigger the toggle but I am not sure if this can be programmatically detected to selectively filter out the toggle during the search.
Yes, "The A" folder is bolded (toggled) as you indicated and then it "finds" the next folder starting with a B.

So it leaves the wrong folder highlighted and it selects the wrong file for me.

I have a number of folders with spaces in the name as putting dashes or dots or anything else always looks funny to me.

I'm not sure what the right answer (behavior) should be.
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