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Arrow Server to Server transfer problems


I am intending to use FlashFXP to transfer footage i created from "my" rented Linux V-Server to a number of FTP servers (who belong to stock sites I work for)

When I try to transfer files from my server (connected via SFTP over SSH) to one of the FTP servers (connected via FTP), FlashFXP first downloads the files to my local harddrive and the uploads them to the ftp server.

This defeats the purpose of what I want to achive...

Does this happen because one of the servers doesn't support PASV/PORT mode/allow PORT?
Dio I have to connect to bothc servers via the same protocol?
How can I stop FlashFxp from first downloading to my local pc?
How can I check if my servers support PASV/PORT mode/allow PORT?

I am a bloody beginner when it comes to everything server related, so I hope my questions are not inappropiate for this forum.
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