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I support adding this feature as well. One of the biggest downfalls of the FTP protocol is the time it takes to transfer many small files because of all the time lost negotiating each transfer.

The segmented transfers for large files is also a feature I would like to see implemented because of my stupid ISP. They have some form of "ghetto QoS" on my line which prevents me from using my complete bandwidth allotment in a single connection. (ex. I have a 30 Mbit/s Downstream line. When downloading a single file, I will see a maximum transfer rate of 15 Mbit/s. I can then initiate a 2nd download concurrently, and it will also transfer at 15 Mbit/s for a combined total of the whole 30 Mbit/s allotment.)

I guess that is to keep one person watching Netflix or something, from killing everyone else's bandwidth in the house. Or vice-versa. (For people too ignorant to configure QoS on their router.)
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