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I wanted to mention the new users directories are empty. And the ones that became unhidden are just two user directories in use, meaning each user is creating directories under their directory (no one makes dir in root ftp dir). I think that really no one has exceeded 16K directories among the ones that became unhidden just recently. Also each directory they create contains only 1 very tiny file (few KB). I think on average, I don't let a user dir exceed 30-60K anymore. There was a time I let it get quite a bit higher but noticed performance issues, so I ensured users split the directories further. So like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on each containing only a few thousand dirs. And I'd move them all out (wipe) before it gets too big. So I was probably overestimating, there was a time I was perhaps had close to 500K directories or more, but I started cleaning up when I noticed slow downs. FTP seems to be performing fine now, and the directories are still hidden, so it definitely seems that option being set to true was the culprit. I only set to false cause no one cares about the size and it'd save some computation time I guess.
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