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Originally Posted by DJAndre View Post
I am surprised this can't be fixed (or tweaked) on FlashFXP, knowing there are lots of servers that prefer linux over Windows.

So are you sure this is something that FlashFXP can't fix?
I never said that.
FlashFXP handles different encoding perfectly fine. It's just a matter of figuring out what's wrong with your config that doesn't work.
Originally Posted by DJAndre View Post
Also notice my attachment above. The FlashFXP downloaded version is encoded as for MAC. So how did that happen from a Linux to Windows connection?
That "MAC" part is BS. Your software just clumps all Unix-like systems into the same group and calls it MAC. Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, many other OS use the same newline symbols.

Post session log of you uploading and downloading such a file to see what FlashFXP is doing.
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