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Thank you for your bug report.

I have discovered a couple different issues.

Some of the languages files that were included in the FlashFXP v5 release have an extra CR/LF inserted before the [UTF8/MIXED] header, this unexpected CR/LF can cause the detection of the [UTF8/MIXED] header to fail and trigger a ANSI/Charset conversion from the current OS locale to UTF8 which could mangle the end result. This issue has been addressed to ensure that the language files included with FlashFXP do not contain this unnecessary CR/LF.

This issue also effected the language files downloaded by FlashFXP via (Languages > Download / Update Languages) and updates downloaded via the Translation Editor (Languages > Translate), it did not however effect language updates downloaded during a Live Update check.

While I am not 100% sure if these issues I found apply to the bug you reported above, they were discovered while investigating this issue.

I also found a couple problems with the "Chinese Traditional.ulf" file you included in your bug report.

Did you try to import a language file from FlashFXP v4.x into v5.x?
(for some multi-byte ANSI languages this may or may not work depending on several different factors.)

If not can you please explain where the original file that you tried to import came from?

The file you attached, I am assuming that this is the version of the file after import, is that correct?

Can you please attach a copy of the original file that you tried to import.

The problem I am seeing with this language file is that the file and the text within it are not UTF8 encoded and this is most likely causing most of the problems.

FlashFXP v5.x uses UTF-8 encoding everywhere and in many places it expects the text to be UTF-8 encoded text, While in some places ANSI multi-byte text might render correctly this is not correct and will cause many problems down the road.
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