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In addition to what Mxxcon said, and if I understand this well.

1) You need to open another instance and connect to that server and initiate any other file transfer from a new instance.

2) Presently, from within Flashfxp the maximum you can display is icon not thumbnails anyway.

To change the views on local/remote pane click F6 Preferences>Interface>Display>List Icons, (Drop down menu) Large Icon, Small Icon, List, Details

None of those views gives a preview of any image though no matter where they are local/remote as you can see, from screenshot.

To preview images at this moment you need to (download files temporarily by right click/select view) use a 3rd party tool which you can associate within FlashFXP what application you want to view/edit files with.

You can submit a feature enhancement for the thumbnail preview
Personally I find it helpful since I work a lot with images.

Multi-transfer as been asked for multiple times, as I understand it FlashFXP needs to have quite a lot of work done to support this multitransfer. Current development is focused on full unicode support on v5 beta. So maybe in future.

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