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Folders aren't deleted, they are just marked read-only (or whatever perms you set like say 555 instead of 777). You also probably don't need closedate in this example since you get the same behavior already in the regular date event because you have essentially the same thing in the 2nd line and you run both events at the same time. The reason you might need closedate is if you want to create new dirs at say midnight but only change them to read-only 2 hours later. In that case you need to run that event at a different time.

nxTool's newdate is kinda weird in my opinion. It's tricky to get the date offset and the timezone working right for me and it creates the date for the next day and not the current one by default. Thus you can't call 'site newdate' and have it generate the proper paths with the way I have it configured so it creates dirs at the right time for me...
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