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hey first of all... keeeeeeeeewl program there are just some loose ends .. so here goes

the raw commands could be a little bit more detailed ... for examble i want some more on ctrl+t (trade) ... it could be sort by size just before it trades ... so it would be something like

ctrl+t = %f%t%s(-s)

%f we know
%t = trade
%s = sort
(-s) = descending size

that would own alot!

and uhm ... if you do do something with the file listing .. its a bit slow aint it? maybe u could have something like when ctrl+t is pressed then it should just trade the content of the dir ... maybe a definearea where u can write which u wanna trade eg. *.sfv, *.mp3, *.nfo, *.cue, *.jpg in that way ...

whatelse .. ooh ye ... why not enable more than 2 fxps? some other programs out there are way ahead of u on that point .. and they are freeware

and maybe im wrong but i cant find the option: dont trade subdirs .. is it just me?

hmm thats it for now and tnx again for a very nice program

oh ye i have some bugs also .. when i press f5 and then moves the mouse-pointer meanwhile it begins to mark files and stuff like im holding down left mousebutton ... but im not?

and sometimes the cache file listing is failing i think cause when i press ctrl-t it just thinks the dir is empty but it aint? it only happens when i press sort by size before i trade.

oh ye .. and your sort by file size aint always working .. sometimes it just takes your default sorting (mine is date descending) ..

id better stop now!


yours sincerly

ps. lotsa text .. sorry

pps. i use rc2 build 869
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