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From the help file.
Request size/date prior to transfer
When checked, FlashFXP will send additional commands to the server to determine the current size and/or date of the file prior to transferring the file.

This option ensures that the correct file transfer rule is used during evaluation, Just in case the file was modified since the last time it was seen by FlashFXP.

Un-checking this option can decrease the accuracy of the file transfer rules, but can also help speed up file transfers significantly -- As the command doesn't need to be sent for each file.
In addition to the info from the help file.. These commands are sent to accurately apply the correct file transfer rule, without it FlashFXP can unknowingly overwrite a file that was uploaded by another FTP user or skip a file that no longer exists because it was deleted by another user after the directory listing was retrieved.

Now to answer your question, Well maybe....

It depends on the other settings on the transfer rules dialog.

If not already un-checked you could uncheck the Preserve File Date options.. Again.. this decreases the accuracy of the file transfer rules..
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