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Originally Posted by hggomes View Post
It seems a dead end, sorry to hear that. I'm afraid that pure-ftpd is not compiled on the NAS with all flags, so probably you will never be able to use puredb auth.

If you're able find pure-ftpd.conf and change it, probably you could run it then via WEB GUI.
Thanks again for at least looking at this. I got no help from the Thecus forum and an official support ticket was useless as they couldn't reproduce my problem. My guess, as you said, is that they're trying to discourage tinkering.

After doing a little digging, it seems the conf parameters for the pure-ftpd server are located in an sqlite database along with most of the other system settings. So technically I could have a go at modifying this ... but with such a bespoke setup there's too much risk of bricking the whole unit.

So I think it's time to do it properly and make Michael Dell a little wealthier.
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