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Hi again

In the past i had the exact same problems with an SMC NAS, manufacters put conditions on the firmware (software) and that restricts alot users in many cases. I had also a QNAP NAS that suffered from the same limitations, you only can do what they allow you to, or you need to waste alot of your time trying to "hack" on it, if you know what i mean...

Originally Posted by rchalwin View Post
Other processes (incl httpd) have command parameters, but none show up for the ftpd so perhaps it does have a conf somewhere after all?
No, using .conf file or running via command line switch will always show the same way as you posted, you can try take a look on xined directory and edit the pureftpd file if thats the case and see the parameters used to launch the server.

Have you searched on the entire filesystem structure for 'pure-ftpd' binary? If you assume that the file 'ftp' is the right one, can you run it? Does it bring pure-ftpd server up?

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This is probably a hint that I should buy a server and get on friendly terms with Fedora.
You are quite right when you say it, you can build your own NAS box and install a Linux Distro and be free to whatever you need/want, prebuild NAS are always very restricted for some users.

I'm gonna take a look at opensource code ( just for curiosity and i will catch you later.

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