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Angry Transfer Porblem with some files

Before I update my version to the v4.2.5 build 1813 I used aearly version from the 4er series.

In the past I didnt do any updates because i got some months ago the same error I have to report you now again.

I got 0 byte files on my local pc, when i want transfer small files from a drftpd server. The same file from the same machine with ftprush doesnt make any problems

Perhaps your handling with some types of enrypted transfers is causing the troubles.

[00:21:11] [L] RETR test.nfo
[00:21:11] [L] Verbunden. SSL/TLS-Sitzung wird ausgehandelt
[00:21:11] [L] SSLv3-Aushandlung erfolgreich...
[00:21:11] [L] SSLv3-verschlüsselte Sitzung mit Verschlüsselung EDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA (168 Bits)
[00:21:11] [L] 150 File status okay; about to open data connection from OFF-04.
[00:21:11] [L] 226- Checksum from transfer: 3975dd6e
[00:21:11] [L] 226 Transfer complete, 12.1KB in 0.003 seconds (4.0MB/s)
[00:21:11] Herunterladen: test.nfo 0 bytes in 0 Sekunde (0,0 KB/s)

[00:21:11] Ãœbertragung von Warteschlange komplett
[00:21:11] Ãœbertragen 1 Datei (0 bytes) in 2 Sekunden (0,0 KB/s)

Because i saw other posts in this forum with the same problem descriptions you should have a look at this and dont close old topics !


Where can I get ALL the older versions from 4.x flashfxp ?
I want to try the versions and its differents handling on the same local machine, server and the same test.nfo-file. The problem i have is.. after updating i dont know which version i had installes before without these stupid error :-(
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