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Default Server-to server transfer speed

FlashFXP v[4.2.3 ].[ ], build [1771 ], [ ]registered, [X ]unregistered, [ ]pirated
* OSWindows 7,
* Running behind hardware router/firewall [X ] Yes & Model [Fritzbox 7270 at home ],Server: Not sure
* Running software firewall [X ] Yes, Name [GDATA ], Ver. [23,0,19 at home], Server: Not sure
* Running Antivirus 0[X ] Yes, Name [GDAATA ]
* Internet Connection [X ] DSL 6000

additional info if related: NOT SURE WHERE TO FIND ALL THIS INFO

I have Managed Servers with Strato (

* FTP server(s) name [ ], version [? ]
* timestamped, and side prefixed server log
* screen shot if necessary.
* any other info


I want to move a pretty large website from one server to another one. I was very happy when I discovered FlasFXP as I have no server skills at all.

I managed to establish connections for both my servers and also just dragged and droped a folder from one pane to the other one. The transfer is working.

However what I don´t understand is that the transfer speed ranges in between 40-65KB/s only. This is as low as if I uploaded from my PC to the server. But I think FlashFXP does not know the transfer speed at all and that it should be much faster between the two servers as they communicate directly bypassing my PC.

I am definitely logged in to both servers and i used the standard settings of the site manager.

Could anyone help please?


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