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Default As a bright example

settings all standard except for sorting.

set ioNJ(audio_sorting) {
{/} {f:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/Archive/mp3/%year/%genre/%artist_first/%release}
{/} {f:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/}
{/} {f:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ - %album}
{/} {f:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/}
{/} {f:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/}
{/} {f:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/}

# How should the info be added to album? %special means whatever we got from dir
set ioNJ(special_sorting_theme) { [%special]}
the problem with special sorting has been also noticed
lines from the.ioFTPD file, I allocate for descriptive reasons problem places with sorting. Also tried to copy tags, the problem remains

F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/Archive/mp3/2011/Trance/A/Stan_Wise-Halo_Effect-UNER064-WEB-2011-TraX F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ {F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ Afargan Feat Nicole McKenna/2011 - Halo Effect [WEB]} F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/
яюAbductors {яюSummer Sun WEB} {яюSummer Sun (Video Mix)} 320 1 3 Stereo Techno 0035 44100 NA NA Yes NO 144 2 CBR NA 
F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/Archive/mp3/2011/Techno/#/Abductors_-_Summer_Sun-(AH0035)-WEB-2011-SRG F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ {F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/яюAbductors/2011 - яюSummer Sun WEB [WEB]} F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/ F:/ioFTPD/FTP-ROOT-DIR/
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