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ok, was a bit fuzzy on the details

*Uploading from a laptop to a web host

* 3 textfiles (.txt) with fresh weather data is being uploaded every 15 sec by the built in ftp program

* 1 webcam jpg uploaded every minute

* every hour 2 flv movies are uploaded (timelapse created from the webcam jpgs)

so thats what I´d like to have ... three queues uploaded at 15 sec, 1 min & 60 min .. forever, no endtime/date

worst case I can upload the text files and the jpg every iminute ... but that still leaves the problem of creating two neverending schedule posts

windows built in scheduler can´t handle it .. so I was hoping Flashfxp could, otherwise I have to go with .bat files and look for a 3rd party scheduler ... but thats just one more program that can crash/leak memory
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