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Default No files or folder

I've been running FlashFXP for years, and i think this problem first came when i upgraded to 4.2.*

Sometimes neither files or folder are showing, but if i do a refresh (F5), the files and folder are there. This happens randomly, either first time connect, or if i enter a new folder, this shows empty, even if it is not. So, if i want to transfere a folder with many subfolders/files, i might not get all files because flashfxp thinks the folders are empty.

I have not changed anything in my config or my network/pc setup since this happened, and i've done alle the upgrades for 4.2.* and it's all the same. Before 4.2 this was not a problem.

Any suggestions?

Now running 4.2.1 (1745), Windows 7, 64bit
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