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What version/build is that?

The latest is 4.2.1 build 1740 and from what you describe it sounds like perhaps you are using an older build to begin with.

These issues should all be resolved in build 1740.

There were some issues causing the UI to appear sluggish when connecting to the server and when starting a directory listing and file transfer, this issue should be resolved.

The timeout issue should also be fixed, There were some situations where the socket timer wasn't reset when activity was detected on the socket resulting in premature disconnections.

If you are using build 1740 can you explain the timeout issue, perhaps include a copy of the session log, so we can see it in context.

The connection timeout relates to the amount of time FlashFXP will wait for a connection attempt to complete on the socket. A socket can report a connection timeout prior to the "connection timeout" being reached as the connection timeout value in FlashFXP is more or less a safety in case the socket doesn't generate its own "connection timeout" message, some firewalls will block socket operations from completing when the application is denied access and this is used to handle those situations, or situations where the network cable is psychically disconnected, both of these could result in a situation where no socket notification is generated.

The connection timeout only applies when connecting, it has no effect at any other time.

There is another option under transfer > options, that is used to detect a stalled transfer, and this applies to file transfers.

Again it would be most helpful to know exactly what build you're using and to see the session log.
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