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Default Re: Auto-update

Originally posted by nudey flasher
Couldn't you somehow close flashfxp and have it kick-off an auto-extraction process which extracts the new files and reloads flashfxp?

Whats wrong with a second external program to handle this?

Isn't that your solution?

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Well if it's a second program, what if we need to update the updater?

Also the FlashFXP version info is all internal of FlashFXP.exe, none of this information is stored externally and there is no way to read the internal values from outside of FlashFXP.

The file version property tab stuff is not 100% correct. As I have to manually update the version info and often I forget. Especially between builds.

What if we used SFX archives? I've been thinking about buying Winrar to replace the zip archives.
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