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Default FlashFXP v1.4.1

Registered users may update immediately via FlashFXP LiveUpdate. Everyone else will have to wait until we get tucows updated.

For those of you using the latest public (815) beta release, the only difference between that build and this one is added support for importing WS_FTP v5.0 sites.

v1.4.1 build 817
- Several Windows XP compatiblity issues have been addressed.
(zip file type sorted in with folders, double click a zip now opens correctly)
- Proxy servers types have been re-aranged. This should not mess up your
settings however we recommend that you verify your proxy settings.
- Add proxy support for USER proxy-user@ftp-host
- When opening a local file for edit in the internal editor, modifications
were not detected and it neglected to prompt you to save on edit.
- If the ftp server didn't support the SIZE command FlashFXP wouldn't resume.
- Resolved minor problem with editing folders in the queue editor.
- when a url is pasted into the quick connect it is now split into the seperate fields.
- The Recv/Send buffer size can now be modified. This can be done via the flashfxp.ini
I was informed by a user that increasing both values to 65536 allowed him to get 7MB/s
on network transfers. This may not work for everyone and may in fact reduce your speed.
- FlashFXP will now inform you if a queue file contains a site no longer in your Site
Mananger and removes it from the queue, or mark it failed if you have 'keep failed
transfers in queue' enabled.
- Status window should now work with all scroll wheel mice.
- Minor improvements to error handling when the connection is lost to the server during a transfer.
- The 'send noop during transfer' interval can now be changed via the FlashFXP.ini, this value is in seconds.
- File/Folder icons should now display correctly for everyone running Windows XP.
- Fixed problem with the preferences dialog growing when switching between desktops under Windows XP, when
using the Virtual Desktop PowerToy.
- Added an INI setting that allows you to disable direct saving/reloading of the FlashFXP.ini, when set
FlashFXP will save the settings on exit, rather then immedately, and will not detect changes made by
multiple instances of FlashFXP.
- Fixed the global option 'use APPE to resume uploads' when checked didn't use APPE.
- In some instances pressing the abort button did not function as intended.
- Fixed bug where quicky minimizing to tray / restoring / minimizing to tray, would sometimes
left FlashFXP hidden without a tray icon.
- Added support for importing WS_FTP v5.0 sites.
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