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you have ioFTPD installed on C:\ioFTPD
Log file for debug is set to disk E: : e:\server\ioFTPD\logs\jeza.ioFTPD.Manager.Debug

Check next settings in config file and change them, so they have correct path:
<add key="FileNameDebug" value="e:\\server\\ioFTPD\\logs\\jeza.ioFTPD.Manager.Debug"/>  
<add key="FileNameInternalLog" value="e:\\server\\ioFTPD\\logs\\jeza.ioFTPD.log" /> 
<add key="DataSourceDupe" value="Data Source=e:\\server\\ioFTPD\\scripts\\jeza.ioFTPD.Manager\\jeza.ioFTPD.Dupe.s3db"/>
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