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What version/build of FlashFXP are you using?

There are a couple things that can result in a slow start up.

1. When you start FlashFXP the local browser opens the default download folder, for best performance this folder should be on a local hard drive and contain as few files/folders as possible. Most real-time anti-virus scanners will scan the content in this folder when you start FlashFXP which can increase load times.

The default download folder can be configured via Options > Preferences > General.

2. Hide the navigation tree in the local file browser. This is recommend for people who do not use the navigation tree. Its there if you absolutely need it but we have seen that on some computers this can increase the start up time by 20-30%.

If after changing these you still don't see an improvement in the start up time please let us know.

Please include the following:
FlashFXP version/build:
Windows OS Version:
Antivirus software/Version:
Firewall software/Version:
Hardware CPU/Memory:
And any additional information that you think might be relevant.
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