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Default Connection to local ftp server is slow until I stop and resume transfer


I'm connecting to a Dune Media Player (downstairs), which has an external hard-drive attached with my movie files on it.

It has ftp access, and so far I've been using FlashFXP to transfer files to the external hard-drive from my computer upstairs (the external hard-drive is powered on first).

The only problem is that when I first transfer the file, I'm getting anything from 2.80MB/s to 5.00MB/s variable transfer speed. This is over Homeplug networking. I know, however, that I should be getting over 7.00MB/s. And once I stop, then resume, the transfer in FlashFXP this is the speed I get.

I've tried leaving the transfer running but it never speeds up. I've also tried using FileZilla to see if that had the problem, but I get fast speeds straight away using that program.

Any help appreciated.
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