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Default Cannot see files on server..

Hi, ive been a user of flashfxp for years now, and find it the best ftp client software out there..

i have a little issue connecting to a server.
FlashFXP connects fine but it doesnt display the files on the server..
I know its connecting to the correct server, as when i try to create a new folder, it knows it already exists as it does...
I have tried other FTP client software and it displays the file list fine.
i cannot see anything in the options... and every other place i connect to is fine, its just this 1 server...

Any Suggestions??

Here is the latter of the log... (I have replaced the ip with x.x.x.x)
-------------------------------------- START -----------------------------------
[L] 211-Supported commands:
[L] UTF8
[L] 211 end
[L] 257 "/" is current directory.
[L] 200 TYPE is now A
[L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (x,x,x,x,16,7)
[L] Opening data connection IP: x.x.x.x PORT: 4103
[L] LIST -al
[L] 125 Data connection already open, ready for transfer
[L] 226 Directory listing complete
[L] List Complete: 0 bytes in 0.21 second (0.0 KB/s)
[L] MKD Test_Folder
[L] 501 Directory already exists

---------------------------------- END -------------------------------------

Using Version 4.1.18 (build 17.01)

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