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Originally Posted by bassiliin View Post
But why in my case it puts files into completely wrong folder? I would understand if it were in default Windows temp folder, in FlashFXP cache or temp folder or even system drive root or root of drive where FlashFXP is installed. For now it seems that installer is confused by names "Programs" and "Programs 2"
Further investigating has revealed a flaw in the installer stub and I'm 99% sure that this flaw is causing the issue you experienced.

After the installation info is read from the _stub.txt file the parameters are quoted so that windows handles folder names with spaces correctly. later these parameters are passed to the installer to automate the process.

The flaw is that the parameters are quoted first.

A few lines down a function is called to extract the path from the path+name, as a result the trailing quote is stripped from the result.

I am working on a fix that will be included in the next release.

Keep in mind however you wont notice the fix until the next upgrade after the fixed release.
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