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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
If you run the portable installer manually you need to select the full path to where you want FlashFXP installed, including the FlashFXP folder.
This is what I have been doing always. Everything works ok.

An automatic update will put FlashFXP in the correct folder.
It should

In build 1702 the installer was updated to provide a secondary check to determine if FlashFXP was running.

If the installer is unable to replace any file because it is in-use, it will automatically (with no way to override it) creates an auto start entry to resume the installation on next system restart.

I suspect that at some point the installer was unable to replace the FlashFXP.exe, if this occurs then its impossible to update FlashFXP without a system restart.
Completely agreed that if file is in use it cannot be replaced. But installer closes FlashFXP, it goes away from running processes, so it is actually closed. But still cannot replace files. OK with this, I can live with it. But why in my case it puts files into completely wrong folder? I would understand if it were in default Windows temp folder, in FlashFXP cache or temp folder or even system drive root or root of drive where FlashFXP is installed. For now it seems that installer is confused by names "Programs" and "Programs 2"

To simplify the update process we eliminated the step prompting the user to select a download location. This can be changed by checking the option "Prompt to select download location" in the Preferences > Live Update.
Thanks for tip
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