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Default Automatic update always fails

I'm using portable version, always latest (now I always updated in manual way - downloaded installer and run it manually. (BTW what happened to this option that user cannot select anymore where to download installer? Now it automatically downloads to default TEMP folder only.)

Anyway couple of last builds I was trying to use automatic updater to get release notes saved as well. Installer downloads to TEMP folder. Then when pressing "Run Update" FlashFXP closes, seems like installer tab opens for couple of seconds and then FlashFXP opens automatically again but it's same old version. Strange uh? Moreover it actually installs new files but into wrong place.

My folders are set such way:
"E:\Portable\Programs 2\"

My correct FlashFXP is in "E:\Portable\Programs 2\FlashFXP\"
I did some search and discovered that after automatic update new program files are put in to "E:\Portable\Programs\" and even without FlashFXP subfolder.

Does space in folder name causes this? But even then why without FlsahFXP subfolder?

So now I'm still updating this way: checking update in FlashFXP, downloading installer into temp folder, closing FlashFXP, then going to this temp folder and copying installer to my requested folder where I keep my installers, then running installer, installing to correct place "E:\Portable\Programs 2\FlashFXP\" and then opening it manually again.

OS is WinXP SP3
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