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Default SFTP won't connect to server

Version: 4.1.8 (build 1698)

FlashFXP has stopped allowing me to connect to servers via SFTP. FTP to servers still works, but not SFTP. I don't run a firewall on my PC and I can use another app on this desktop to SFTP in to the server (I have multiple servers that I have tested against, none work).

This is using a FlashFXP site profile that has worked for years.

[R] Auth Type: Password
[R] Authentication failed [Invalid Password]
[R] SSH Error: failed to negotiate authentication method
[R] SSH Connection closed
[R] Connection failed

I know the password is correct as it works from Putty and other SFTP apps. I have created a new FlashFXP site profile to make sure something wasn't wrong with the old site profile. The new site profile didn't work either.
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