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Default example

Here is an example incase anyone needed further illustration:

Let's say you are compressing a large backup of something using winrar or batch capturing video from your digital camcorder, you want to transfer all of it to your work or home site and at the same time you want to leave your desk to go do something. Well, unless you are using a wireless pda and have vnc or something running on your computer you are not going to get this done. So you que up 2 files because that is all that has completed thus far, you leave, and when you come back flashfxp has been idling for 3 hours and no more files have been uploading, yet all the files are done compressing or capturing and are sitting on your hd. Now if you could use the option to "Automatically add New Files to Que" you would have saved yourself the time and effort and could have gone cruising in your ferarri around town while all the files were dumping to your hd and uploading at the same time without the assistance of you!

sounds good doesnt it?
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