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I am glad to hear that solved the problem.

The character encoding refers to the encoding used on the filename of the file/folder, if a file is uploaded using UTF8 character encoding and then you try to access it using ANSI character encoding it can fail. Some FTP servers will check for both ANSI and UTF8 when accessing a file while other ftp servers do not.

When using the MLSD list command for the longest time FlashFXP was assuming that the character encoding was always UTF-8, however we had reports from customers that this caused problems and we allowed the character encoding to be changed to ANSI when using MLSD.

Using the MLSD list command with ANSI character encoding should of solved the problem. I'm not entirely sure why it didn't, unless perhaps the directory listing wasn't refreshed or the file was queued prior to changing the site settings.

I will investigate this further to see if there is perhaps a compatibility issue that was missed.
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