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Default Cant transfer files with danish letters?!

Dear all

For the first time, ive got some problems with the FlashFXP.

For some reason, I cant transfer files and folders, which contains Æ Ø and Å letters (danish letters). The FlashFXP gives me this error:

"No such file in directory"
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Overførsel Mislykkedes.: Hjørne.png
Overførsel Mislykkedes.: Dæ
Overførsel Mislykkedes.: Magasin værkstedet.docx
Overførsel Mislykkedes.: Stjerneklargøring.docx
Overførsel Mislykkedes.: Vestfyn trækker.docx
Overførsel Mislykkedes.: RossMann´s Destiny.odt
Overførsel Mislykkedes.: Købsoption - Pro-street.pdf
Overført 0 Filer (0 bytes) i 2 sekunder (0,0 KB/s)
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And this is only with folders and files, containing Æ Ø and Å letters..

What to do?
This is the first time ive experiencened this with FlasFXP - so thats why I really dont know what to do..
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