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Default Using sister's Win XP

I have connected to a shared host ftp aswell as a dedicated server ftp, and when moving a file example.jpg to another dir that has the file already there I get no warning, it just says that it did a rename.. which that doesn't happen.. it just replaces old file with file moved.

I looked in prefs for "if filename exists".. but there is none.. can I please get some help. I'm already haiting being on my sister's windoze for 2 weeks

or is this just on Win XP?

edit.. looks like BigStar answered this question partly.. yes, I'm 'moving' a file from directory on ftp to another on the same ftp.. I'd rather get a warning about this vs it just overwrites the old file!
Is there a way to make a rule for this.. I know its a move and not a transfer.
I also JUST noticed that this does not happen when using sftp.. strange.

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