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Originally Posted by jeza View Post
update : jeza.ioFTPD.Framework (replace existing files)

DataSourceDupeUpdateCommand can now use next parameters
{0} : releaseName
{1} : realPath (full path + releasename)
{2} : virtualPath (full virtual path + releasename)
{3} : DestinationVirtual (from config)
{4} : Destination (from config)
{5} : SourceVirtual (from config)
{6} : Source (from config)
{7} : realpath (without releasename)
for the error 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80090006):' i still have no idea.
workaround is to use windows task instead of scheduler in ioFTPD and set
<add key="FileNameInternalLog" value="e:\\server\\ioFTPD\\logs\\jeza.ioFTPD.log" />
to ioFTPD.log
hey jeza,

hope your a well and had a good start in to the new year so far...

is the framework update allready included in Version : ?

how is development going regarding jeza tools? will there be a new version soon? (speed / bug improvments)

take care and keep up the good work your doing!

thank you and take care
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