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Originally Posted by xy0thep View Post
thx for ur reply.

im gonna test w/o that dupe update just to see if it works (dupedb update is essential for me concerning archiving).

about the log-format again: is this independant from the move function or didnt it log anything here because like u said its the update failure?

will report back when i'm done testing

concerning the nx update ill report back aswell. i took a look into the sql structure and tables of the nx .db files and i think its easy to get an adjusted dupe update command done.
hi there,

now i did some testing while setting up a tempory ioFTPD + all ur addons in a virtual environment.

i figured that the nxtools dupe db update on the archiver would be the following:

    <add key="DataSourceDupeUpdateCommand" value="UPDATE DupeDirs SET DirPath = '{2}' WHERE DirName = '{0}'"/>
nx db doesnt contain any info for physical path but thats not the problem.

while in your db ReleaseName equals DirName in nxtools there still is no problem.

now when we come to your PathVirtual it should equal DirPath in nxtools.

so far, so good... but now i encountered a problem i wasnt sure about before w/o testing your whole dupe script. while nxtools uses just /virtualpath/ in sql table you are using /virtualpath/releasename/.

this yields in a working update of the nx db but with the problem the updated entry is like:


i guess its hardcoded and i normally wouldnt dare to ask but since im in love with nxtools and your archive script... do you know any solution to fix this??

im no coder, so forgive me if its too much, but...

...isnt it possible to make a nxtools compatible version of your scripts' .exe?

i guess its not many lines of code to have ur virtual path sql entry in there changed from /virtualpath/releasename/ to /virtualpath/ only

you'd make me very happy!


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