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Seems I am getting an issue when using the manager part of your script.

The error in the debug log is

[2012-03-14 16:30:30] Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location: ['C:\ioFTPD\scripts\jeza.ioFTPD.Manager\jeza.ioFTPD.Framework.dll']
error in flash is

[L] MKD test
[L] 550 test: Action blocked by external script.
Only seems to happen if I have

OnNewDir = EXEC ..\scripts\jeza.ioFTPD.Manager\jeza.ioFTPD.Manager .exe newdir

in my ioFTPD.ini

Seems rescan doesn't work in any dir that has zip files in it, any dir that has an .sfv file it works fine

Sorry if this has already been mentioned
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