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Default ioTVARCHIVE 2.0

new link for download.

+small bugfix, causing the script to crash

First release of 2.0 alpha

# + Uses vfs in order to determine archive path.
# + Alternative to copy files or move them
# + Alternative to remove inferior releases, remove hdtv,pdtv,dsr etc when dvdrip is archived
# + Alternative to remove inferior releases, remove previous releases with same source if proper or repack
# + specific user and vfs file (both need to exist)
# + Alternative to update symlinks on copy or move. (NTFS JUNCTIONS ONLY)
# + Copy over files if they exist on target.
# + Space check before moving or copying
# + tcl time variables for moving release year, month, day etc.
# + alot more that you wont notice
# Use this with some caution, it's an alpha release and if it should blow up your computer, please don't blame me.

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