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Default proftpd & error 530

These days I am configuring proftpd and I am using various ftp clients to verify functionality.
I configured proftpd to drop more than 2 connections per IP and return an error (530 "mpla mpla mpla" ).

FlashFxp is not showing this error!
On the other hand the error message include various scrambled characters (and I dont know why yet).... Is the message ignored because of this?!

I attach screenshots to help you trace the error.

* FlashFXP v4.1, build 1658, [X]registered, [ ]unregistered, [ ]pirated
* OS: Windows 7
* Running behind hardware router/firewall [ ] Yes & Model [ ], [X] No, [ ] Not sure
* Running software firewall: Nod32
* Running Antivirus: Nod32
* Internet Connection [X] DSL, [ ] CABLE, [ ] Other(specify)
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